Creative writing under one hood

Canvas is a free-flow writer that you can use to write anything in one place.


Compose is equipped with DaVinci Mode that reads upto 3000 previous characters maintaining coherency.


Write on Canvas what you want to do and it will get the job done in no time.


Wrote a few lines and stuck? Just press expand and our AI will come up with the rest of the text..


Choose from a library of pre-made templates designed by experts that are bound to convert.

Introducing DaVinci Mode

DaVinci Mode allows Canvas to look back upto 3000 characters. It also supercharges the Canvas in a way that you can command Canvas or even ask specific questions relating to your content.

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Get Creative

Instruct Canvas exactly like you would instruct a human about your content.

Ease of Use

Paint your thoughts on a blank canvas and see them converting to words.


Our AI will actually understand what you want to do and will do the job accordingly.

Compose with DaVinci!

We have trained our custom AI that pairs with GPT-3 to give you best of the both worlds.

Create Your Own Web Masterpiece

Compose looks back upto 3000 characters to give you content unparalleled quality and coherency. Since DaVinci is painting the Canvas, you can also ask him questions relating to your content.

True Free Flow Writing

Seamless writing on any topic. Give DaVinci a lead and it will paint the Canvas for you.

Expand, Expand, Expand!

Running out of ideas on what to write next? Expand your already written content to make it wordier.

Explore Ideas

Like a human, it will explore different angles to the text giving you different perspective.

Factual Writing

Mask your expansion with some factual information and AI will use that data to shape your content.

Feels like Home

Get what you really need

Feel more connected with your audience. With DaVinci you don't have to stick to just english. You can even ask DaVinci questions in your native language.

Personalized Content

Write as you like and content will flow in your voice. DaVinci is truly intelligent and knows almost every other major language.

Share your work

With Canvas, you can quickly and easily create and share stories that are shaped by your own ideas while maintaining your privacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to ask something
from us?

Canvas is an AI-Powered free flow writer that you can use to write long form content as well as short form content..

Yes, we do provide API for various canvas endpoints from summarizer to expand. You can request api.

We use GPT-3 along with our own proprietary technology.

This helps to generate content without any limitation.

We are working on a custom plan where you will be able to collaborate with your team mates in your projects.

You can share your saved canvas by clicking on "Share Canvas" button. Once you do that a popup will appear with a unique link to your Canvas. In the same popup select canvas privacy as Public and you're done.

Yes, you can do that. Just go to projects and select your canvas. Click on share canvas and select only me.

Yes, please check out our roadmap here.

Paint your project on Canvas

Request API access build custom apps on top of Canvas.
We also provide custom plans for various endpoints/rate-limits.

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What Our Clients Say

"Canvas is hands down the best tool for me. It allows for a very easy and natural flow of writing, plus the instruct feature is just amazing. It's the first tool that I've used that really feels like writing, and the flow is so natural that I can focus on my writing!"

Md. Noor

Founder - Stealth Startup

"Canvas is easy to use for both beginners and more experienced writers. With the included templates, you can start writing a basic blog post or a well-polished article. It also has the option to save drafts of your work, so you donโ€™t have to worry about losing anything!"

Amit Singhal

Founder - Marketing Agency

"Canvas is such a great tool to help you get your thoughts together and express precisely what you want to say."

Brandon Emery


"The best part of this app is the way it continues to improve. The team is constantly adding features and adding them in a way that doesn't take away from the core function. I'm so excited to see what they have in store for the future."

Albert Tan

Founder - DownloadSilo